Third Time’s the Charm

I have a lot to say about the effort required to bring you this comic. But for now, I will hit the ‘publish’ button, and have some well earned sleep. I’ll say more in a blog post tomorrow.


Filler Comic – Happy 21st RAG!

This week is a filler comic, for two reasons. Well, one really. I only had time to do a quick drawing, because I was celebrating the twenty first birthday of a particular Rational Atheist Guy.

RAG has, in the past few months, become an amalgamation of a few different lads I know. But he was first and foremost, and will always be, my best mate.

Happy birthday buddy. Can’t wait to see what the next twenty one years will bring.

Meet the Messiah

Another late comic. Blame Troubletcat.

This is really a true story. My earliest memories of Jesus were being terrified of him. Seriously, who puts a seven foot tall imposing statue in the corner of a dark room, near two doorways, then leaves a six year old boy to walk past them by himself?

Eh, I can’t actually recall the age, I’m just guesstimating.

See you on Wednesday!

Episode I – The fascist menace


Holy late comic Batman!

Okay, so this comic has been live for almost two years now, and still none of the characters have any names (Excepting Jesus, of course). Additionally, there’s been no stories amd no narrative, because frankly, I’ve felt intimidated by the whole thing, and I didn’t want to drama-fy what is supposed to be a humourist comic. Also, I couldn’t really think of any stories to use with my current cast.

Cue to the weekend just gone, where the TB got together for the weekend (we’re spread out across two states), and SlyLizard hit me up about the strangely popular “God = <3″ comic. He’s actually prepared a vlog post about the idea of faith and logic (Can’t wait!), and he put me onto the idea of narrating the story of /how/ I managed to logic myself into Christianity.

So bear with me as I attempt to tell a long and often emotional story, and hopefully give you a few laughs on the way. This scares me, because not only am I going to have to share a lot of my life, I’m also going to have to learn to draw women properly.

Yeesh. See you on Wednesday.

Calling in wasted

I quite obviously did not draw this. For more comics like this, check out

I was going to make a facebook post, apologising that there would not be a comic this week. But then I thought, that’s no reason not to put in a little bit of effort, and give you something to chuckle about anyway.

I’ve been having some issues sleeping the last day or two, and last night was the crowning moment of suck. At about half three in the morning, I gave up waiting for the sandman to show up and overtake the pain train, and headed off to bed. Somewhere between four and half four in the am bandwidth, I tried a hot shower to ease the muscles, and then promptly realised I was not getting back to sleep before having to run an errand in the morning, so I turned on my PC and played some Assassins Creed 2. I’m aware that I possibly /could/ have been working on a comic in that time, but that takes more concentration than simply holding the right mouse button, pressing the space bar, and running across rooftops like some kind of charisma overloaded ninja.

So here’s a quick comic for today (Jason, if you ever see this, thanks for lending your genius!), and an update or two for the coming weeks.

Sly has informed me that he’s really got into the Vlogging game, and has a few ready to go. I’m looking forward to checking them out myself, to see how horrifyingly he has flaunted decency this time! (Just kidding buddy, I think)

In addition to that, this coming weekend will be the Acts of the Bropostles! All three TB members in one location, for a weekend of fun and games! If you have anything you’d like to request of the Bropostles, points of conversation, or crazy dares,  (and you haven’t already shared them) drop them in the comments below:

The Zombie Arcade (TM)


I’ve been a little off colour this week, and a wedding threw out my weekend a little. Great day, happy shining couple. Long day, frustrated screaming back.

This weeks ‘comic’ comes courtesy of (and for) my good friend Dylan (Aka TroubletCat) over at “The Zombie Arcade“.  I’ve been working with TroubletCat over the last week, as he has established himself as not only a fantastic game reviewer, and a brilliant strategist, but now also an in-demand broadcaster of no holds barred action gameplay. Big things happening over there.

It’s been a while since I took the cheap way out, and drew a filler comic/artwork, so I thought I’d so some specialty artwork for TtC, to see if we can’t create some kind of lovable mascot or whatever for the Zombie Arcade.

(Warning: ZombieArcade is not always safe for conservatives, and definitely gets a NSFC from this reviewer. Some of the games he works with contain medium impact themes, and there’s the occasional language to boot. If you’re not offended by such things, however, head on over!)

God Equals Less than three


This weeks sermon at church inspired this comic, as I struggled to understand one of the reasons I tend to get depressed so easily as a Christian. I apologise for the lack of funny this week, but I wanted to share with you some of the ‘dangers’ of being an apologist (or perhaps having your brain as hardwired as an egg head as mine).

I certainly feel as though my faith is rock solid, and I have all the evidence for God I’ll need in the form of good solid logical arguments. But I find that this means too often I probably rely on my own intelligence, which leaves less room to have a good relationship with God.

We’ll see how it goes in the future. Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like God is drawing me in and giving me a warm embrace. Like a dream, or a dream of a dream.

See you guys on Wednesday.

Hail to the King, baby!

Given that it’s a few minutes past midnight, I’ll leave off the blurb for tonight, and start running from the hordes of angry Duke fans. Sly will probably be leading them. Wednesdays blog post will come to you from a non extradition country that has never seen the Duke in action.


Adios amigos!


Last night was a bit of a rough night for me, with my back declaring that I was to go to bed, rather than do anything else.

Now then, this comic jumped into my head when I came across an image that’s been doing the rounds online for some time. The “NO U” guy is a handly little meme for informing a forum user that the post that they’ve just made probably applies to themselves just as much, if not moreso, than to the person they made the post about.

Well, normally I’d say I’ll see you all on Wednesday, but I’ll see you tomorrow instead!

Effort vs Benefit (aka “Life is like a bag of Veggies”)

I don’t have much in the way of insight to add to this, other than that this was inspired by a similar conversation between Rational Atheist Guy and myself. Unfortunately, I think life often seems the other way around. Struggele, struggle, more struggle, and then occasionally a lucky break.

I think the real benefit comes from the struggle. At least, I bloody well hope so, or I’m doing something seriously wrong.

See you in a couple of days folks.