Gud Schoolin

...or daughter in my case.

I live close to the local public school, and I mean close. So close in fact, that if I want to know the coolest “little lunch” snack kids these days are having I wander into my front garden and have a look at the wrappers that have blown over the road (for the record, Le Snacks are out, Cheetos are in). I can, on the rare occasion that I am home and not working myself to the bone, also hear how the kids talk to each other. I’ll be honest, kids these days know more swearwords than I do… and I can swear in multiple languages!

Now this experience has brought me and my partner to talking (occasionally we do that after a few alcoholic beverages) about where we would send our youngster when she became old enough… and that brought us to quite a confounding realization. She has to go over the road, to join in with the Cheeto eating (I hate Cheetos…), foul-mouthed little public schoolkids. Now don’t get me wrong, I know not all public schooled kids are foul-mouthed, and I’m sure quite a few prefer snacks other than Cheetos, but the ones over the road are/do, and thus this school, and these kids, have begun to shift my opinion of public schools from “a viable option” to “seriously how does my daughter go somewhere away from these Cheeto-eating snotbags?!”.

So we began looking at alternative places of schooling, private schools are an option, however unfortunately my weekends are not spent swimming in a giant silo filled with gold coins (a la Scroog McDuck)… so that kinda kills that option. Catholic schools are a definite alternative, I went to one, I turned out alright (well apart from being an opinionated snob that is). So we began looking into that… turns out it isn’t as viable an option as we thought. You see, the Catholic Education Board, in all its wisdom, has begun the move to blocking un-christened kids from entering their schools, and my child (who I intend to bring up atheist like myself and my partner) is one of those children. Whether this is a move to ensure kids that want one receive a religious education, or if it is to ensure that those same kids are not poisoned by the pagan rituals children like mine obviously perform during lunch… I don’t know. But what it does mean is that I have one of two options before me. Either I succumb to the inevitable and begin buying Cheetos… or I get my child christened.

So, congratulations to the very intelligent people on the Catholic Education Board, they have just forced me to add a pagan in sheeps clothing to their flock. Last weekend I had my child christened so that I actually have an option in where I send her to receive her education… however, I will not be raising her Catholic (I won’t stop her should she become interested, but I won’t push the interest either). Now some people would call this move immoral, but I ask you this… is it immoral to want your child to receive the best education you can afford? Is it immoral to do whatever you need to do to ensure that your child has the option to go to the best school that you can afford? Or is it immoral to take away a child’s option to go to the best school that a parent can afford based purely on what religion their parents have chosen for them?Believe what you want, I believe I am doing the right thing for my kid…