AKA: Michael Scattergood

Age: 27

Location: Sydney, Australia



Bio: The man, the myth, the compulsive arguer. Michael is an aspiring theologian/philosopher, and fancies himself a cartoonist. When not attempting to wage war on modern society through a warmhearted brand of scathing wit, he works as a computer technician, is a Dungeon Master for an online Dungeons and Dragons project, and trolls the internet looking for religious people to annoy.

He has identified as a Christian for all his life, and admits to being an actual Christian for the last five of them. He became a Christian as a result of rigorous investigation into the various arguments for and against theism, and holds it as a logical world view, much to the distain of many internet atheists.



AKA: Luke Allard

Age: 27

Location: Australia



Bio: You’re taking a vacation from normalcy. The setting: a weird website where atheists and Christians get along, a place where the walls are stained with belief, and there’s also some belief floating in the pool. Your key card may not open the exercise room because someone smeared belief on the lock… but it will open the door to… Slylizard’s room…

Sly has also identified as a Christian all his life. But unlike Theality he is the sort of Christian who went to Catholic schools, had religion forced upon him, and ultimately began to question the whole religion. Fast forward to uni where Slylizard is studying Politics, Indonesian and Asian Religions and you find a man interested in religion, but purely from an academic standpoint rather than something he believes himself. Outside of religion Slylizard is an avid gamer, a fair bit of a nerd, and a loving father (you may now begin pitying the poor girl).



AKA: Paul Peereboom

Age: 18

Location: Sydney, Australia



Bio: Paul is a Musician, Artist, and avid writer. He is also having trouble writing his Bio in the third person.  As a result, if you want more info I’ll be happy to talk. Cheers.

In actuality, Paul is slightly worried because Theality just kicked him out of his chair in order to complete the Bio. All of team Theality refer to themselves in the third person when working on the Bio page. SlyLizard thinks this is hilarious.

Paul is an avid rock climber, and a dry misanthrope in the making. He is looking forward to turning twenty so that he might complain about ‘those damn teenagers’.